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International Funeral Plans

A helping hand for UK citizens living abroad

Here is some essential information for Expatriates

Fact 1) Talking about funerals isn’t easy and ignoring it won´t make it go away. Arranging a funeral for your nearest and dearest after they have gone can be really difficult in Spain.
Fact 2) Would you know who to call when the inevitable occurs? Difficulties with the language barrier along with the different rules and regulations applying to funerals and probate can make it extremely difficult for your family to sort out.
Fact 3) Most expats are shocked and ...

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There has been a growing policy emphasis on promoting independence for older people, offering them choices, and improving their quality of life. Retirement villages appear to serve current policy agendas very well. They offer purposefully designed barrier-free housing with its associated autonomy, a range of facilities and activities that are not care related which generate opportunities for informal and formal social activity and engagement, alongside a range of care and support services that can respond quickly and flexibly to a range of care needs over time. Drawing on previously published studies and data from an on-going comparative evaluation of seven ...

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