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News from KEI Homes

We thought the new title was more fitting than stating that we are looking to start up a chain of small assisted living enclaves for seniors as really this is our aim.

Shared living can be a wonderful experience where you will be neighbors to like minded people where you can make friends, share your dreams, your expertise whether it be cooking, gardening, painting etc

Imaging having 'come dine with me' challenges, going out together on a bus trip etc.


Kei Homes hopes to be offering soon rooms with ensuite to either rent short or long ...

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I have recently had two operations for cancer which has made me become more aware of how short life really is. I often hear about people who are worried to attend their doctor for something they are experiencing but are worried in case it might be bordering on the big 'C' word.

I would like to encourage anyone who is concerned about what they are experiencing to attend their doctor before it is too late. Age catches up with all of us and money, doesn't matter how much you have, cannot buy you perfect health. To keep on top ...

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