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News from KEI Homes

Hotel accommodation for seniors either permanent or holiday lets

For your retirement home in Spain or Portugal, please let us assist you. If you're looking to downsize or in need of some additional day to day help and support now, together with security, we at Kei Homes already have established developments and are currently looking to developing some further residential complexes and retirement villages across the Costa Blanca and Costa del Sol areas. For those who have or have not yet contemplated living your retirement life in hotels, We are also able to offer senior hotel accommodation in the form of an apartment or good sized room for ...

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SPAIN'S new government is working on a Bill of Law, or Royal Decree that will once again make free healthcare universal for everyone living in the country, irrespective of their legal status.

The previous right-wing PP-led government stopped healthcare for anyone who was not legally resident, except for emergency treatment, all care for the under-18s and for pregnant or post-partum women, back in 2012.

And hospitals and clinics did not always have the same criteria as to what constituted an emergency.

An overwhelming number of doctors defied the ruling, which they said was 'cruel' and 'leaving people to die ...

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Care Home Investment VS Hotel Room Investment – The Verdict
June 19, 2018/by fjpinvestment

As one of the UK’s leading introducers of property-based investments with a solid 5 years in business, we certainly have what it takes to identify market leading investment opportunities.

We are going to share our views and thoughts on both the care home investment market, as well as the hotel room investment sector with you our clients and prospective clients.

Both care home investments and hotel room investments are attracting hundreds of millions of pounds each and every year from investors seeking above average yields ...

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Exclusive Offer: 8.5% NET Returns & £750 Cashback when you purchase a unit

Great news!
I am pleased to share with you the opportunity to purchase units within Lavender Way and Rosemary Hill, two open and operational Qualia Care homes, now available with an increased annual return of 8.5% NET, paid quarterly, with £750 cashback on your purchase.

Limited units are available, for more information and to take advantage of this limited time offer, please contact me today.

Qualia Annual Incentive

✔ £70,000 Per Unit
✔ 8.5% NET Rental Return for up to 25 years (up from 8%)
✔ Annual ...

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Kei Homes is expanding and now has Hotels for sale in Europe whether inland or sea front. These hotels are either bank owned or privately owned and there are some good investment opportunities to be had with knock down prices.

Buy-to-let hotel room investments are a fully managed, hassle free, high yielding opportunity for the astute investor. A relatively new, simple and successful concept, it involves purchasing a leasehold hotel room which is leased back to the operator to generate income. In some instances the operator will also share a portion of the F&B ...

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