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Kei Homes have recently been approached in an effort to get us involved as technical advisors for a retirement community project in Cyprus and we were wondering if anyone would be interested in considering this area as a place to live or holiday in their retirement. As there are a lot of Brits living in and visiting Cyprus and as its an English speaking country, it makes sense to consider undertaking this opportunity and being able to offer it as another alternative to the already established places we are currently offering.

Fully compliant with EU laws and regulations, Cyprus’s simple and transparent tax system is one of the most attractive in Europe.

Strategically located in the eastern Mediterranean at the crossroads of three continents – Europe, Asia and Africa – Cyprus is a safe haven blessed with beautiful nature, year-round sunshine, modern infrastructure, a high standard of living and a culture of genuine warmth and hospitality.

Situated on the southeastern coast of Cyprus among incredibly beautiful beaches, Ayia Napa Marina is the new premier yachting destination and an ideal social and meeting point. Easily accessible from the island’s major highways and just 30 minutes’ drive from Larnaca International Airport, Ayia Napa Marina offers everything one needs to relax; luxury residences, state-of-the art berthing facilities, high level of service, a scenic waterfront, fine dining and shopping, security, a clean and ecofriendly environment, all in a distinctly modern yet sophisticated setting.

Residency/Citizenship by Investment in Real Estate. From $150,000

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