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International Funeral Plans

A helping hand for UK citizens living abroad

Here is some essential information for Expatriates

Fact 1) Talking about funerals isn’t easy and ignoring it won´t make it go away. Arranging a funeral for your nearest and dearest after they have gone can be really difficult in Spain.
Fact 2) Would you know who to call when the inevitable occurs? Difficulties with the language barrier along with the different rules and regulations applying to funerals and probate can make it extremely difficult for your family to sort out.
Fact 3) Most expats are shocked and bewildered by the speed of the funeral process in Spain. The funeral normally takes place within a couple of days of death.
Fact 4) In Spain, a typical funeral can cost €4500 and has to be paid BEFORE the funeral takes place.
Fact 5) The IVA cost has increased to 21% - If you haven’t got a funeral plan then you/next of kin will pay this increase.

It makes common sense to freeze the funeral director´s cost at today´s price by purchasing an international funeral plan that covers you in Spain as well as the UK, guaranteeing no future costs and that isn’t susceptible to any IVA increases. Golden Leaves is the only funeral planning company to offer funeral plans genuinely FREE of any IVA increase.

Don´t let your family or loved ones end up paying the price! Talk to a UK company you can trust

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