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We thought the new title was more fitting than stating that we are looking to start up a chain of small assisted living enclaves for seniors as really this is our aim.

Shared living can be a wonderful experience where you will be neighbors to like minded people where you can make friends, share your dreams, your expertise whether it be cooking, gardening, painting etc

Imaging having 'come dine with me' challenges, going out together on a bus trip etc.


Kei Homes hopes to be offering soon rooms with ensuite to either rent short or long let or to purchase a life lease option in a lovely old Spanish property all on one level with large garden area and pool in Urbanisation La Marina, San Fulgencio. The property will be converted into a 10 bedroom with ensuite shared living enclave for persons over 60 and which will be able to accommodate up to 14 persons in the rooms and the property will have a central living area/dining room with kitchen. We are thinking able bodied senior single people or couples for either short or long term lets and which would include full board. There would be a warden/senior care worker living on site for assistance and small care options which could include help in rising and putting to bed, cleaning etc. There would also be an onsite courtesy bus on site for excursions etc.

This opportunity might appeal to (a) someone on their own now after loosing their partner and cant manage in there own property any more, (b) those coming out of hospital and need a place to recuperate with someone at their side, or (c) senior people looking for short holiday among like minded people.

If this is of interest to anyone, please make comment or PM us. Prices start from 50€ daily or 1300€ long stay. It may also be possible to purchase a room with a life lease option. The prices are not yet fixed firmly, and people can make suggestions.

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