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Funding your Dream Move

Funding your Dream Move

In conjunction with our associates in England, Portugal, France and Cyprus who specialise in financial and property related solutions for the retired/semi-retired, KEI Homes are pleased to offer the following options of financial assistance:

  • Mortgages
  • Re-mortgage
  • Life Interest Plan - Ownership for life
  • Equity Release - Where you keep your existing property
  • Rent-to-buy scheme
  • Buy-to-rent scheme
  • Joint Purchase
  • Fractional Ownership
  • Investment
  • Golden Visa Entry

The option where we were able to offer a part exchange scheme is now not available. However, "in certain cases", it may be possible that a shared purchase/shared equity option scheme could be available where you could own between 25% and 75% of interest.

This may be of particular interest to those with a shortfall or those not wishing to tie up too much of their capital or indeed spend 12 months of the year in their property."

Please contact us to help find the best solution for your individual circumstances.

Purchase Options for your Consideration

  1. Buy-To-Rent.

    Here you can purchase a room as an investment in order to rent it out to persons needing care thus bringing you in a handsome return, or purchase an apartment or other property in order to rent it out to more independent persons who prefer to rent, thus again supplementing your income.

  2. Freehold.

    In most cases, where you own the property wholly and make capital gain, and where you can rent the property out for some or all of the time as an investment to like-minded people, thus earning you some income, and where capital value rises over the years.

  3. Joint Purchase.

    Joint purchase is for groups, friends or like minded persons wishing to purchase a group of of houses or a complex where they can live together and share the cost of the enterprise.

  4. Life-lease.

    Which can have its advantages and disadvantages means (a) A lump sum up front for a short lease, which is usually equal to approximately 40% of the freehold value, and could involve paying rent, but which option does obviously reduce your initial outlay. This option means that you never actually own the property, but does mean that the integrity of the development can also never be changed. (b) That in some cases there may be or may not be a return on your capital upon death but in most cases, there is some return on abandonment. (c) In other cases, payment of the full purchase price is paid upon abandonment or death, (normally where the lease is for a 100-year term).

  5. Share option.

    Which means you, together with family, friends or like-minded people, buy shares in the property and use it on a rotary system, thus reducing your initial outlay. The property could also possibly be rented out to like-minded people to help pay for the upkeep etc.

  6. Flexi-plan.

    An affordable alternative to the ‘luxury retirement homes’ built by private developers. Part buy/part rent scheme owned by an independent owner/mutual housing association with the purchaser paying any amount from say 20% to perhaps 50% of the purchase price, where a fixed return is guaranteed on your initial outlay, regardless.

  7. Renting Only.

    Which means no real actual outlay, thus giving you the opportunity to spend your capital as you wish. Convenient, but in some cases can prove expensive over a longer term.

  8. Rent-to Buy Scheme.

    This type of contract, “contrato de alquiler con opción a compra”, allows you to lease a property, whether off-plan or resale, with an option to buy it within a given deadline normally spanning 2 to 5 years. The main advantage is that the full let price is discounted from the final purchase price on new property, and 65% from a resale. So if you finally opt to buy the property within the deadline, the paid rent (rental premium) will be deducted in some way from the pre-agreed sales figure. Alternatively, should you choose not to, you can simply walk away and move on. This contract has multiple advantages for both grantor and grantee in the context of a deflationary environment – such as the current one –. If you are of the opinion that property prices in Spain are still unstable, rent to buy will appeal to you. The advantages under normal circumstances far outweigh the potential disadvantages.


    Fractional ownership is a structure by which several parties can share the ownership of a high-value tangible asset, usually a jet, yacht, property or a piece of resort real estate. It can be done for strictly monetary reasons, but typically there is some amount of personal access involved. One of the main motivators for a fractional purchase is the ability to share the costs of maintaining an asset that will not be used full-time by one owner.

    The Fractional Ownership structure is the shared ownership of a property by several parties, via a Holding Company.
    There exist several different structures of Fractional, from a single fixed week to rotating weeks or months.
    Structures are adapted to suit the type of properties on offer and prices may vary from one period to another.

    FRACTIONAL INVESTMENT: A relatively new form of funding, which opens the market to a far larger investor group.
    For less than £10,000 – or multiples – an investor will own a share in a managed property.
    This funding structure is used mainly in the hotel industry, retirement and care homes and commercial property.
    An alternative to the traditional Stock Market, investors have a direct interest in a property, but have no use of the property – a simple property investment at low entry prices to enable a diverse portfolio.

    FRACTIONAL HOLIDAY OWNERSHIP: The original Fractional concept of sharing the purchase price and the maintenance of a luxury holiday property.
    The majority of second homes are used for less than 4 weeks per year by the owners; which leaves the alternatives of an expensive maintenance outlay each year, or a local management agent.
    For the price of an average apartment in a secondary position, a Fractional investor can enjoy weeks of holiday in a luxury villa or apartment in an exclusive resort.
    Many Fractional developers offer access to an exchange club, enabling owners to swap their time in their own property for a similar property elsewhere. This is NOT Timeshare, it is property ownership with flexibility!
    Each owner is guaranteed a prescribed amount of access to the asset, which typically can be used or offered to the public. The income is usually split between the management company and the fractional owner. Additionally, each owner pays a portion of the annual management fees and maintenance, relative to the percent of ownership.

    KEI HOMES ALSO OFFERS FRACTIONAL EXCHANGE: The option to exchange or sell a Fractional share to upgrade to a higher investment or change of destination.
    Fractional is good for an investor:
    • Asset appreciation via freehold ownership
    • Minimisation of running costs in relation to usage
    • Acquire a more luxurious lifestyle
    • Professional management of the property and surroundings
    • Potential income from rental of unused weeks.